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04 May 2015

First Swim of the Season

Splish splash!

Last Thursday I had my last after-surgery checkup at the Orthopedist. Everything fine, apparently the bone has healed and it's time to build up the muscles again. So the Doctor wants me to go and swim. Right. It's still May, but I'm a good boy, and I do what I'm told, so I went to my first swim this afternoon. It was pleasant enough outside (at the Mikri Vigla beach), but the water was "a bit fresh".

Interesting how much easier it is to go into the cold water, when you're supposed to go in and swim. The inner dialog wasn't about "should I go in or shouldn't I" or about "will anybody see me when I give up?", it was more along the lines of "ok, let's get inside and get this done". It wasn't so cold that my life or health would be at risk (not by far), so any reluctance is just psychological, in short a sign of weakness. Can't have that!

So I went and swam a bit up and down, which felt good in the leg. It wasn't enough to get the muscles tired, but after some time I just let it be enough. I'll go again soon, now that it's in the program.

(Oh, and I totally forgot to take a pic, left the phone in the car and didn't have the digicam with me. Next time.)

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Re: First Swim of the Season

great to hear you're enjoying the cold water! :-)

Posted by: rodolfo at May 04,2015 23:03
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