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22 May 2015

Doing My Swimming Lessons

Teach your self how to... blubb blubb blubb
Calm sea helps

I can't really swim. I admit that much. OK, I won't just drown when you throw me into the water, and I'm ready enough to jump in. But anything more than a few tens of meters, and I'm pretty lost. Given calm seas, I can manage to go a short distance, by going slowly, taking lots of rest.

Now that I'm supposed to swim, I decided it's time to change that, at least for a bit. So I looked up what I'm actually supposed to do. Went through a couple of How-To guides, saw a couple of videos. I'm the kind of guy who is better able to learn this kind of thing by "understanding" it technically first, with my head. No intuitive learning for me there. Right now I'm concentrating on breaststroke, but later maybe I'll go for the freestyle too.

So far there seems to be a tiny bit of progress. At todays swim, I thought that I was a bit more relaxed. I have to be calm and remember what to do and then the movements seem to work out a bit better. Definitely makes it more enjoyable. Having a very calm see today helped too. Still in bicycle terms, I feel often like a kid going up a hill, all he can do is stand on the pedals and stomp as far as his lungs will take him. I'll have to learn to get a rhythm into my breathing, take it calmer, and go there in my good time.

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