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06 July 2005

GZip compression on COREBlog entries

Smaller is beatyfull

In order to speed up download time and save some bandwidth I've now setup gzip compression for some of my weblog pages. I really hope this works for everyone. If you discover something that does not work, drop me a note. Setting this up in COREBlog was quite easy, all it needed was one line of dtml

<dtml-call "RESPONSE.enableHTTPCompression(REQUEST)">
to be added to the templates in question. The effect on some of the bigger "pages" is impressive: A big category page can go down from 140kB to 40kB. The page feels quite speedy too (client on ADSL, though I assume on a modem line the speedup will be even more noticeable).

On a sidenote: I have added a category "zope", in order to get the size of the category pages a bit down. I will later move some of the "digital" entries to this category. Last step will then be to set up batching ([previous page] / [next page] links) on category/month templates.

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