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30 May 2015

New (Style) Swimming Glasses

Hey, somebody came up with something better
Great goggles on terribe photo model

Since picking up this swimming project (as physiotherapy and to teach myself to swim a bit better), I've bought myself a new pair of swimming goggles. Over the years I had a number of these things, but most of them were really quite bad. Reason 1: I bought cheap ones. Reason 2: When buying swimming glasses, you should actually try them on, but here in Greece I never had found a shop that let you do that. Well, that just changed, both of it.

In Naxos town, there is a shop near the "court square" (πλατεία προτοδηκείου) that has some diving equipment (and a lot of summer clothes, and swimsuits etc.), so I decided to try my luck there. The guy there showed me the display of swimming goggles. Piles of swimming goggles. Tons of them. I just looked at him and said: "OK, so what do I do now? I have no idea where to start or what to take." His reply was: "Try some of them on." Now that was a relief.

Then he started to show me some of them, and it turns out that there is now a new style of swimming goggles. They have a "skirt" around the glasses that goes further out around your eyes, almost like a dive mask. Putting them on your face, they get stuck like a suction cup. On dry land, the feeling is a bit uncomfortable, but in the water it's perfect. I tried 5 models or so, in the end choosing one mostly on the looks of them. They are from a company called "Cressi swim", and the model is called "Saturn", but I'd say that doesn't matter much, what I do recommend is this style of swimming goggles.

I've since used these glasses 6 times in 2 weeks, and I'm hooked. No water getting in. Which means no annoying stops to get the water out. No fogging (well, maybe on that account it's because they're still new). Very comfortable. Very good view both under water and above. Today the water was very clear, and it was a joy to see all the little fishes, still the goggles do not disturb me at all while exercising. Absolute bonus: While doing a bit of backstroke, I can look through the "skirt" of the goggles, to control my course, without having to raise my head very much out of the water.

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