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04 June 2015

Fixing the Mio Link Charger with... a rubber band

Not sticking due to the crappy magnetic solution
A simple rubber band fixes the Mio Link Charger

I bought a Mio Link heartrate monitor right when they came out. The chest strap HR monitor caused me discomfort, the Mio Link was new, I was willing to take the risk and try it out. For me it works, even though there are two problems with it:

  1. it sometimes gets stuck and looses my pulse (I just restart it, this is a bit annoying, but no big concern to me, as I'm not any serious athlete), and
  2. the solution to use a magnet to ensure the contact between the device and the charger often results in the device not being charged, because I have to hook it to the laptop, and something bumps against the combo and the Link snaps out of the charger.

I think Mio's solution was to put in a stronger magnet into later builds of the device. They should have just switched on their brain, and redesigned for a click-in-charger that makes certain the charger stays on. Magnets are doing "attraction", for electrical contacts you need "connection". This state had annoyed me for quite some time now, so today I switched on a select few the remaining brain cells of my own, and came up with a solution.

As you can see in the photos, I'm using a rubber band to ensure the Mio Link and the charger stay best friends for a while. The test is using a wall wart with the charger and hanging up the whole set. When not in use, the rubber band can stay there. It's easy to fit in the device (connect as normal, hook the rubber band over the "open end").

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