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15 June 2015

[x] Swim 1 km

Achievement unlocked

On Sunday I swam 1km. Which is pretty crazy, considering that basically I've been saying "I can't really swim" 6 weeks ago. I've improved on the "GPS under Swimcap" trick, by turning on distance alerts every 100m on the GPS. I wasn't sure if I would be able to hear the beep, but in the end the sea was very calm, and I could hear it well. Each 100m I counted to myself how far I had come, and at 500m I stopped for a moment, then turned around. I went one long line along the Mikri Vigla beach, going towards some houses (probably in Kastraki) to stay my course.

After the 1km beep, I continued on a bit, rested for a moment in the shallow water on the rocks, then headed back to the beach. I wasn't really fast, 29m 10s for the 1km in breaststroke, but that's definitely good enough for me. Looking how fast other people swim, everybody is obviously faster than me, polar bears are 5x faster than me, which means I'll better not go to swim in the Arctic.

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