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28 August 2015

Three Times per Week

It's all up and down

While writing on the weblog has taken a backseat to everything else again, I'm more or less back to regular cycling. Which is very nice, since I really like cycling in the countryside here. Basically I'm trying to do 3 rides per week. The plan is to build back my base fitness. So I'm doing shorter rides, about 2 hours each. Since this is Naxos, there is no way to do that without some climbing, but I'm trying to take it easy.

Slowly, slowly my leg starts to feal more "normal". Whatever that means. Basically that pushing, pulsing sensation where the operation was is getting less, especially while riding. Walking is still a bit more difficult. So I'm moving forward in that respect.

At the same time I have the impression that I'm moving backwards in respect to my endurance. I seem to be able to do less and less. Having to stop and take a long break to recover on a climb I've never ever had to stop before (going up the Potamia valley). Never mind, that's probably how building your endurance back should feel, for all I know of such things. I guess I will need yet a bit more patience. I'm not really complaining though, what I've already reached is wonderful compared to where I was a couple of months ago.

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