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30 August 2015

Full Moon over the Temple of Dimitra

The full moon starts to come out over the mountains

Yesterday our friend Hariklia had the wonderful idea to go see the full moon come out over the Temple of Dimitra here on Naxos. We went there with friends and family, just missing the last rays of sunlight on the temple.

Still the scene was quite beautiful. As the sun had gone down, we waited for the moon to come out over the mountains. We hadn't looked up the exact time, so guesses were from "right now" to "we'll have to wait here for more than an hour". In the end it was maybe 15 minutes after sunset.

When the moon finally came out, its speed was surprising. It was as if the moon had been held back in the thick fluid of the mountains, and as it got free, it sped up until it plopped out like a cork held under water.

The little toy digicam didn't hold up all so well photographing that shiny object in the sky. Lack of a tripod didn't help either. Anyway, here are some attempts at photography for your pleasure.

Full moon over temple of Dimitra on Naxos, little church

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