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20 January 2005

Closing a Info Window Using the Keyboard Only

No mouse please!

When I'm in Mac OS X Terminal I operate by keyboard only. Works very well for me, because switching to and from the mouse interrupts my thoughts. lets me switch windows with Command-RightArrow and bring up the Info window with Command-I. I use the Info window a lot, because I am a dancer between using Unicode UTF-8 (for Greek) and "Western (ASCII)" for English and German (with an occasional "Western ISO Latin 1" for German with umlauts). All nice and dandy, except choosing the "Display" pane in the popup menu and closing that damn Info window. Command-W closes the underlying Terminal. "Escape" closes the Info window, but only if you haven't switched Terminal windows in the meantime. Solution: Hit Command-I again, then press "Escape".

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