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20 December 2015

Naxos Cycling Panorama Pictures

The wide view on things
On the Potamia road

Lately I got a new digicam. Those little digicams seem to die every few years. On purpose I buy the ruggedized, waterproof little suckers. I presume they last a little bit longer that way. In any case, the latest one I got is one from Fujifilm. I've taken it cycling a few times, where I played around with the panorama function. So here are some pictures from cycling on Naxos.

Near Agia Anna

Naxos is an island, so obviously there is a lot of sea around it. There are only few places where the road is right next to the sea, at least in relationship to the length of coastline. This is a good thing, as a road with cars spoils all the beach. Unfortunately it also means you can't cycle along the coast as much as you would like too.

Near Agia Anna

Right now it's winter, so the beaches are empty. In summer lots of people down there.

Near Kynidaros

Naxos also has a lot of mountains. Basically an island is a mountain sticking out of the sea. There aren't many flat roads on Naxos, which makes cycling sometimes a bit complicated and tiresome. It's either going up or going down.

Near Kynidaros

Sometimes there are some plateau-like areas up there. Here is one near Kynidaros, with some weird, beautiful stone formations. The top foto above has some similar stone formations, on the parallel road on the Potamia road.

Above Apeirantho

I like to go and cycle in the mountains. The landscape is very interesting. Often you can spot a bit of sea in the distance. Here we are above Apeirantho and you can see the road where I came from, as it winds in a long turn along the mountains.

The highest point on the road

The last picture is at some point on the road that goes deep inside the Naxian mountains, leading to the village of Komiaki. There are some telecoms antennas, and usually lots of clouds and cold wind. Near that spiky mountain in the center of the image is Apollona, the northernmost village on the island.

(You can click on all the images to see a slightly bigger version.)

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