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27 January 2016

Vehicles and Berets... and French Restaurants

When I was still driving a 2CV
Me, with my former 2CV, on some road on mainland Greece

Since I'm wearing a beret lately, I've taken to reading the Beret Project blog (and especially looking at the wonderful pictures that Daan finds all over the place). Today's post is about Best Vehicles to Accompany a Beret, with some nice pics of Citroën cars. This instantly reminded me of a story back when I was driving a red 2CV in Switzerland...

One day I had arranged to meet with a friend in a French restaurant in Zurich. The restaurant was not exactly in the center, but nearby, close to the Limmat. I arrived with the 2CV, but there I had a hard time to find a place to park the car. After going in circles for a while, I noticed that the only spot was right outsided the door of the restaurant, marked "reserved for restaurant ..." (I forgot the name of the restaurant). Well, what could I do?

I was already late, so I just parked my car on that spot. As I entered the restaurant, I went to a waitress and said: "I'm sorry, I put my car on your parking place." As I told her that, she started to pump herself up, probably to tell me to take my car somewhere else, that they needed the space, that the space is not just for anybody etc. etc. But just as she was getting ready to blast me with her speech, she looked over my shoulder and noticed my car. A red 2CV outside a french restaurant in Zurich. It was like an advertising piece. She visibly deflated and told me it's ok, so I went on to have some nice crêpes. Too bad I wasn't in the habit of wearing a beret back then.

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Re: Vehicles and Berets... and French Restaurants


vor einigen Jahren noch fuhr in Chora eine ganz besondere Ente
( 2CV ) umher. Die hatte auch im unteren Teil der Seitentüren Fenster. Das waren die gleichen wie oben in der Tür, nur um die Unterkante der oberen Fenster nach unten gespiegelt. Das sah sehr elegant aus. Ich glaube die Ente gehörte dem Käpten, der an der Paralia sein Segelboot für Tagestouren feil bot.
Dachte ich hätte noch ein Foto davon, hab' aber nix mehr gefunden.

Gruß Veit&Georg

Posted by: Veit at February 01,2016 17:03
Re: Vehicles and Berets... and French Restaurants

Hallo Veit! Also ich denke im letzten Sommer oder Herbst hab ich den 2CV mit den "doppelten" Fenstern noch gesehen. Keine Ahnung, wem das Auto gehört. Eine weisse Ente haben wir letzten Sommer in Agiassos entdeckt, von einer Familie, die dort eine Taverne hat. Die sind per Zufall (ich glaub Erbschaft) zu der Ente gekommen.

Posted by: betabug at February 01,2016 17:58
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