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10 February 2016

How I Clean My Bike

I'm not an expert, but at least I'm swiss!

So, yesterday I cleaned my road bike. Since it has decent mudguards (aka fenders), there isn't that much dirt all over the bike, but the gears and chain had a lot of gunk on them. I'm not much into cleaning my bike, I ususally put it off way too long. Now I certainly wouldn't say I'm an expert at bike cleaning. Also there are tons of descriptions what to do around. But this is the procedure I use:

Note on use of WD-40

Keep in mind that WD-40 is considered the devil's stuff on a bike, it is meant only for cleaning, as a degreaser. It's not a good lubricant and it should not stay on. Some people say citrus cleaner is better anyway.

Religious considerations

How to clean a bike is kind of a religious topic. It seems everybody does it a bit different (which is quite ok with me), but it also seems some people feel very strong about it. I'm open to ideas for improvement, tips, warnings about something I do wrong in the comments, but I'm glad if people keep it calm :-)

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