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14 February 2016

Legs, Sunday Group Rides, and the Mystery of Gorgorr

Left, Right, Left, Right

Early this week I noticed that my legs still have a big inbalance of strength. I've been back on the bike for months now, well, not exactly training, but riding regularly. When you look at my legs, there is no difference in width to be noticed (as the doctors had thought there would). I had assumed the inbalance would even itself out over time. But it didn't...

Turns out, the body's tendency to protect a weaker part is quite ingenious and not easily observed. Once I paid attention, it started to become obvious to me though: The slight lean to one side when standing up, the tendency to do some things with the right leg. Other things I still can't observe, but I'm sure they are there, like for example how one leg takes more load when I'm getting out of a squat with both legs, or how one leg does more work cycling.

The solution was to go to a gym. A real one, with all those machines with weights and all that. I went there for the first time on Thursday. It was indeed the first time, in all my life I was working out in such a place. A little test on the leg press machine showed that there is a huuuuge difference in my leg's strength. Terrible. And this is not going to go away on its own.

On that Thursday I spent one hour to work on my legs, each one in turn. Each exercise was done in sets, 3 on the strong leg, 4 on the weak leg. While the strong leg took it with ease, the weak leg was working really hard. Often I had to stop and gather some strength, to do the exercise really right. The weak leg felt sore for almost 48 hours afterwards.

So now I will make a program to go to the gym twice per week. Which brings me to my next point. Since I still want to be cycling, I have to figure out some things for my week plan:

So I took a virtual piece of paper and started to write down days and activities. After a while, I started to shorten things down. I moved things around a lot, but it seems there is no ideal solution to this. What I came up with for now is GORGORR. This sounds funny (especially pronounced with my lack of a rolling R), and it's also easy to remember.

What does it mean? Starting on Monday, I'll have Gym / Off / Ride / Gym / Off / Ride / Ride. Each Gym day is followed by an Off day - to relax the leg again, and let the recovery grow the muscles stronger. A nice ride on Wednesday, an easy ride on Saturday, and finally the group ride on Sunday. Starting again with the gym on Monday might not be ideal. But today, after this particular Sunday Group Ride, my legs aren't feeling so bad, so maybe the plan could work out fine. The rest I will figure out as I go.

The group ride was very nice btw. Group rides here on Naxos are very small, we were the three of us. We put in about 60km, with what is very little climbing for Naxos, only about 500m of altitude gain. As there is a South wind, we went down to Agiassos, and let the wind help us to get back up to higher ground. We still worked hard, even going down against the headwind, so at the end I was tired nice and good.

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