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16 February 2016

I'll not remove my mudguards till summer is here for good

It's a matter of style
Fausto Coppi on a training ride, mudguards and all.

Both my road bikes currently have fenders / mudguards mounted. I've sometimes received negative feedback about this. It doesn't seem to fit with some modern schools of bike aesthetics. Too which I reply: "Who cares?" I'm not going to remove my mudguards till summer is here for good. Even a bit of wet roads here and there will make my bike (and me) look bad. And I'm not that fond of cleaning my bike. Not gonna happen.

Even the greatest cyclists of all times put mudguards on their bikes for training rides. Do you think il campionissimo Fausto Coppi would want a brown stripe down his stylish clothes on his back? It was something different in a race (where the rules disallow mudguards and every bit counts), but on training rides? You think that sweet Bianchi sweater looks good with road grime on the backside? Not likely.

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Re: I'll not remove my mudguards till summer is here for good

Hehehe, I totally missed this one ;P

I guess you are right about this, mudguards are something really nice to have during "raining seasons"... if you really go out when it rains or when the roads are wet/flooded after long periods of rain.

But then, when you go on bigger group rides and nobody has mudguards on their bikes and the road is not (so) wet... Well, you maybe start wondering if you should remove them or not.

Thing is, removing SKS chromoplastic full fenders is not a matter of a couple of minutes (neither it is putting them back on) so somebody as lazy as me would probably keep them on all year :-P

Also, there is this other point of view, who cares about having to wash clothes more often?

Finally, for me, mudguards are not only protecting you (and your bike) from water and mud. Any small object that could be thrown against you (or your bike) will be stopped by them. This is very important specially if you take kids on carts/trolleys/weehoo/whatever with you on your rides.

Posted by: Wu at March 21,2016 07:58
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