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21 February 2016

Pfannkuchen - Breakfast of the champions!

Somewhere between a crêpe and a pancake
Pfannkuchen in the pan

This morning I managed to treat ourselves with a real nice breakfast. I made up some german-style "Pfannkuchen". These are something in the middle of american pancakes and french crêpes. Not as thick as pancakes, but also not as thin as crêpes. Their width is somewhere inbetween too. I think similar things are made in many countries, under various names.

Preparing the dough

Probably it's one of the simplest ways to make a dough (flour, eggs, milk), that doesn't need to raise, and then it just gets fried. Personally I don't use an electric mixer. I just mix things up with a fork. If you start with the flour and the eggs, and mix up these already well, there aren't too many clumps of flour in the dough usually. I haven't got the exact mix down well, each time I do this it's experimentation to get the consistence right.

Going to fry the pancake now

Years ago a friend of mine told me that he was dreaming of some Pfannkuchen, but since he didn't know how to do them, he went to the super market and bought some ready-made dough in a bottle. It was horrible. Of course I told him how simple it is to make pancake dough yourself. I don't think it took me more than 5 - 10 minutes. Today they turned out nice. Only mistake: I made way too little dough. I could have eaten twice as many as I did, and I also like to keep some around to eat them cold in the evening, mjam.

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Re: Pfannkuchen - Breakfast of the champions!

Tortitas is the name in spain for that.

Posted by: Wu at March 21,2016 08:01
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