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05 September 2016

Dirty Fun with the CX Bike

Cleaning up after playing in the sand
Before: playing in the dirt, after: cleaning up

I've written about bike cleaning before. It's still something that I fail to do often enough. But since I've put some new tires on my (crappy) CX bike last week, and then went out to hit the Naxian dirt roads along the coast (from town to Agiassos), there really was some cleaning needed.

In difference to the description in that post, I didn't use WD-40 this time. Just water with soap. Maybe a bit more scrubbing was needed, but that was ok. Mostly I had to get all that sand and dust off. It was everywhere and it had gummed up anything that was oily before. Water and soap worked quite well for that. I can't claim that the bike is totally clean right now, but just "good enough for me".

As for the dirt cycling itself: I had a great time. I should write about the new tires (Continental Cyclocross Speed, 35mm) another time when I have a bit more experience with them, but so far they rock. They are perfect for the dry, hard dirt roads that are common here on Naxos.

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Re: Dirty Fun with the CX Bike

c'mon... I don't think "crappy" is fair for the Jake. Not the best cx racing machine, I agree, but good enough for starting on cx + a comfy and nice "do-it-all" bike.

(yeah, I've one and I love it!)

Posted by: Wu at September 07,2016 12:00
Re: Dirty Fun with the CX Bike

Dunno if it's "fair", but I always feel that I need to say it's a "crappy cx bike", because otherwise people will imagine some real CX bike. It's a good alround bike, for riding on gravel and rough roads. So me saying "crappy CX" does not mean that I don't love this bike!

Posted by: betabug at September 07,2016 14:03
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