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30 September 2016

It rained in September

Water... water...

Looking back at the month of September, a few things come to my mind. One of them is my friend Borja and family coming for a visit, which resulted in many visits to the beach and a good number of rides. Another is the slow passing out of the tourist season on the island. And then there is the first rain after the summer (early morning on the 20th). It was as if our galician friends had brought a little present of rain with them. The last time it rained before that? I think it was May, but maybe I'm wrong and it was in early June.

In any case it has been months. Given that the last winter was very dry, with rainfall levels way below average, there is a big water problem on the island. I've described in another post (in German) how we had a few weeks with water outages.

Jokingly when we talked about the rain, I had said that when it starts raining finally, I will go out on the street and let myself get rained on. In the end, the rain fell during the night. I woke up and when I heard it, I smiled, but I was too sleepy to go outside. Everybody is hoping for more rain as soon as possible, so maybe I'll get my chance for "singing in the rain" then.

Astrid from Azalas has an excellent article about Urginea maritima, a plant that is (amongst many other interesting things) said to be an indicator for coming rainfall. The fields on Naxos have plenty of them right now. I'm really hoping those legends are true.

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