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22 October 2016

Bean Soup

It's not *that* cold yet, but a soup starts to be nice
Traditional greek bean soup "φασολάδα" (fasolada)

It's not really winter yet and only a little bit like autumn. There are still lots of warm days. But temperatures have gone down, so soups are more in culinary fashion for us. A while ago we were at Boulamatsis in Naxos Town (Μπουλαμάτσης), a typical μαγειρείων (mageireion), meaning a restaurant for traditional cooked foods (ie not a place to get grilled meats) and they had Φασολάδα (fasolada, traditional greek bean soup). We went again a few days later when I wanted some, but then they didn't have it.

So about a week ago, we had some at home. It's not the simplest of foods to cook, but when done well, it's just awesome in my regards. Normally something to eat in cold weather, but at the long end of the summer, I'm just so looking forward for this kind of food, even if it might not fully be "in season".

Another interesting fact is that this bean soup is the "national dish" of Greece. Not Mousakas, not Souvlaki, but a "simple" bean soup. Even though Wikipedia claims it shares that throne with Mousaka and Souvlaki, the "sources" for these are some random articles on the web. The source for Fasolada being the national dish of Greece is an actual lexicon entry.

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