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29 December 2016

Snow and Rain

Whatever way the water comes down, it's welcome
Light powdering of snow on the Fanari mountains of Naxos

After last year's dry winter, this year any water coming from the sky is even more welcome. Currently it's been raining for 2 days, and there is a chance that there is more rain in the next 2 days too.

In fact, some of the water is coming down as snow or at least a snow/rain mix. For raising the water table, snow is said to be more useful than rain, as it doesn't run off so fast, it has more time to soak in when the snow melts. I'm not sure this makes much difference with these low levels we have right now. Last year we had 3 days of snow around New Year. It's unlikely that things will develop this way now, the preview says temperatures will go up slightly again.

Personally I had planned to go to town today, to pick up a package and have a lazy morning, reading and drinking hot chocolate in a cafe. Given the current conditions, I have postponed it and am drinking tea at home now. As houses in Greece don't have good insulation, it's a bit fresh inside, but with some extra pullovers on, it's nice and cozy.

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