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23 August 2017

The end of an electronics lifetime for my Garmin Edge 500

... actually it's still working "somehow"
The buttons on my poor old Garmin Edge 500

I think I bought this Garmin Edge 500 in 2013. So it lasted about 4 years. Heavy use, you might say. But then, this is supposed to survive heavy use. Personally I think 4 years is not enough. No, I never had a crash with it (at least none where it hit the ground). Simply the soft, rubbery, dark blue stuff gave up and disintegrates.

The buttons started to be exposed some weeks ago. Yesterday one of the buttons fell off. Obviously the waterproofing is gone at this point. The electronics still work, but it's no good to go out riding with this thing any more. Another piece of electronics for the landfill.

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Re: The end of an electronics lifetime for my Garmin Edge 500

Even if it did not have a hard crash against the road tarmac/asphalt, I bet it suffered from some hard conditions/environment, like being exposed under strong sun for quite some time, being close to the sea for some time too, etc.

Also, you used it a lot (really, a lot), so I would expect something like that to happen. Not sure if it should happen in 4, 5 or 10 years though, that's true.

Posted by: Wu at August 29,2017 10:24
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