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19 July 2005

Feierabend at the Beach

Relaxing after a working day
betabug at the waterfront in Kalamaki

Yesterday evening, after a day working at the office, we took the bus to Voula. We stepped off at Kalamaki, my old neighbourhood. There we had a nice stroll at the waterfront and sat a while to watch the waves. The beach was quite crowded (but not as crowded as on that Sunday about a month ago when I went for a swim). Still, if I had brought my swimsuit, I could have gone for a cooling swim, a bit more over where there are small mini-beaches between the rocks. Less crowded there, more waves in the sea.

Every time I come back to the Kalamaki seaside I'm surprised. Back in the old times when I was living here, nobody went to swim here. The water was not clean. The water quality has improved much in those years, due to waste water processing. Very nice. Now we were just relaxing and taking a stroll. The air is much better near the sea, and for most of our visit there was a soft wind. This helped much with the temperature (as did taking my T-Shirt off :-).

In other news: Yesterday on TV we were informed of a heat wave coming in the next few days. They advised people to wear hats and light clothing, use suncream, drink enough, stay out of the sun, and don't exercise too much. Most Athenians won't have much problem with the last point.

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