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21 March 2018

A Different Mistery Puncture

It's not always what you can't see

Quite often when you have a puncture in a tire, there is a bit of mistery about it: What caused it? Can't find any stones, thorns, pieces of glass inside the tire, can't see where the hole came from. A few days ago I had a different level of mistery.

My spare bike sits on the trainer in the downstairs room. It's seldom used, so I wasn't too surprised when the tires were flat a while ago. I pumped them up, and that was that. And then, some days ago, the rear tire was flat again. Ah well, I found an old spare tube and headed down there to switch out the one that presumably had developed a slow leak.

The usual procedure, take out the wheel, take off the tire, rip out the inner tube, put your hand in the tire to sweep left and right to see if you can find anything that caused the pu... outch! Not only did I find what caused the puncture, it nearly punctured my hand too and it hurt like hell. There was something like a 1cm long nail stuck in the tire, sticking up vertically on the inside. The thing had no "head", and the outside was flush with the tire surface. But the inside point was sharp. Quite obviously this is a condition that does not fit well with keeping the air in an inner tube.

Now the big mistery is there: How did that thing get into the tire, while the bike was on the trainer? It's not like it's going anywhere to pick up stuff from the road surface. Quite unlikely to have the trainer's roll push that thing into the tire vertically. And if it was there before, how did the inner tube survive so long? This bike has been on the trainer for months. Sticking out 1cm is not a situation where the nail works itself slowly into the tube. The tire was flat only twice in those months, so the nail having punctured the tube already, but having "sealed itself" only with a slow leak sounds also quite implausible. Your guess is as good as mine.

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