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23 March 2018

Today we learn a new word: Poroductivity

It's brand spanking new

Yesterday one of my colleagues created a new word through the process of anorthografogenesis. At first I didn't make much of it, but then it struck me as a word that we actually had missing in our dictionaries. Here it is, complete with the dictionary entry we all should add in our dictionaries:



noun, adjective

When you are doing a lot of the stuff you need to do, but still a lot of small tasks slip through.

I'm making good progress on updating all my printed and digital dictionaries, but there are still a lot of words I haven't yet gotten around to.

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Re: Today we learn a new word: Poroductivity

Well, dunno if printed dictionaries but it could be a good topic for a shirt :)

Posted by: r0sk at March 30,2018 11:55
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