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28 February 2019

Naxos Reservoirs Are Full Up

For once there is enough water
The big reservoir on Naxos is full

This picture is actually from February 17th, when I went to check on the water level in the two reservoirs we have here on Naxos. This one is the big one. Obviously I went by bike, that's why you can see my bike on the left of the picture.

The overflow from the big reservoir on Naxos

This here is the overflow of the big reservoir. So as you can see, the φράγμα (fragma, literally "dam") is full to the brim and overflowing. There was some talk of the reservoirs having leaks, with some people saying the leaks are quite severe. While others claim they are only some natural leaks, where the water will drain into the water table. Getting the water into the island's water table would mean it's not lost, so let's hope these people are right.

The big reservoir on Naxos is full

This one is the smaller of the two reservoirs, and it appears also to be completely full. Since I took these pictures we have had even more rain. This winter has indeed been quite special to the amount of rainfall we got. For once, everybody is happy about the weather and the water!

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