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21 July 2005

HelMUG Server has moved to Athens

Welcome to the Capital!

The HelMUG server has arrived in Athens, the capital of Greece! Currently the DNS servers still point to the old IP address, so the server is not reachable. DNS setup is supposed to change today at noon. Your friendly neighborhood DNS server may take some more time to pick up changes though. So have patience.

Note for next time moving a server:

That way the DNS change will be picked up much faster. If you don't understand these instructions, never mind: I am always surprised how few people really grok DNS. In no way do I claim to be super knowledgeable in respect to DNS, but I think I got this right :-)

Update: As a short time solution, I've set up, you can reach the web site with this domain. It will work for mail retrieval too, but likely will not work for mail sending. (And since mail sending does not work, mail retrieval is no good :-) Note that this will disappear once the normal DNS is up again.

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