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23 January 2005

Certification Labyrinths By Sun and Cisco

To understand recursion, one has first to understand recursion.

A few days ago I was looking into certifications. I got sent from one end of the world to the other. But let's tell the story from the start... despite many years of professional experience I don't have shiny diplomas, certificates and other papers. So I was on the web, searching for papers I could get with a small effort.

On my list were Sun with some kind of certificate for system administration and Cisco for network stuff. So, onwards to I went, found some info for exams, certification paths and prices. But these were meant for "US" only. For international certifications I was told to look on my countries website. The link to the "Greeks" brought me a page with some greek content and a lot of english content that was marked with "". By clicking on "certification" the site shoved me straight back to the Americans. Which in turn pointed me back to the Greeks. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Cisco was just a bit better, but that bit mattered. I had a lot of trouble to locate a country specific testing site on the Cisco pages. Until I noticed that Cisco handed off all that stuff to two independent companies, and indeed on those companies websites I found addresses of testing sites in Greece. What I did not find out were the prices for Cisco certification.

Also it was very funny how Ciscos training pages are full of acronyms (CCIE, CCNA, CCXY, CCwhatever) and they avoid to explain them, as if they had something to hide. I spotted the meaning of CCIE only inside a logo image (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert, if you care).

One question I do not expect to find answered on those websites: Will I be able to get through the certification exams by studying on my own, without paying for expensive training classes? We will see.

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