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24 July 2005 Update on DNS Status

She's on her way!

Finally DNS is on its way: Yesterday we managed to set up DNS service at We had some organizational problems to get this going, mainly an expired Credit Card :-(. Then I configured DNS records for,, and the mx for It took a while for and then to pick up the changes.

When I checked sunday morning at 2am, most changes had made it through DNS caches for my provider in Switzerland. The MX record had not expired yet. It takes even longer for OTEnet: Right now they still have the old DNS entries. I hope that everyone's provider's DNS picks up the changes soon, but right now we can just wait.

If you are in a hurry to see the helmug website, you can - for the moment - see it through But this will disappear once DNS works properly, and also mail does not work with this domain.

Update: Apparently the "time to live" on the old DNS records was set to 48 hours. So don't expect changes (for example for OTEnet customers) to happen really fast. Once the records are in the DNS cache, they are kept there for 2 days, so those providers customers will properly see on Monday evening. Note to people moving servers: Reducing the "time to live" on the old DNS is a good idea.

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Re: Update on DNS Status

...Still not working.

Posted by: Takis at October 01,2009 21:47
Re: Update on DNS Status

As with the other post: The comment came >4 years after the fact. Might be a different problem then!

Posted by: betabug at October 02,2009 09:06
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