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25 July 2005

Party under the Acropolis

...till way beyond the break of dawn
Acropolis over party

Saturday I was out to party... three of my flatmates friends have their birthdays around this date. So each year they throw a party together. We went to a terrace in the Psiri area, with a view both on the Acropolis and the Lykabettos. Nice. And another "Happy Birthday" to Parthenopi, Zoi, and Fivos! (Hope I got the names right with my greeklish.)

Haralambos (my flatmate) was doing the DJ job for a lot of the evening. Also along were our flatmate-grrrl Eleni and another Haralambos (who is a childhood friend of "our" H) together with his flatmate-grrrl Leka (on visit from Brazil, via London). Lots of good people around, dancing, drinking, 3 birthday pies. I took some nice pictures with Zoi's digicam, maybe I get to see (and post?) some of them later.

Things I have learned: The floodlights on the Acropolis go out at 3:30. The Metro starts its service around 5/5:30. There was no real sunrise to be seen, still the Acropolis was nice to see in that light. We stopped for some food on the way home, then everybody went to sleep half the day through.

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