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26 July 2005 down again

DNS trouble on OTEnet to blame?

Right now, is down again. From what I observe on the machine the problem might be with DNS:

To me the conclusion is that the providers (OTEnet) DNS servers have wrong information (either they jumped back in time and are grossly outdated again) or someone there fscked up the settings for their DNS (tryed to redefine the zone?). And since the server wants to look up its own name, it gets wrong information, which messes everything up in a deep way.

If anyone has more clue than me, please enlighten me!

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Re: down again

Yeah. Same here. Seems to be down for several days...

Posted by: Takis at October 01,2009 21:46
Re: down again

Taki.... take a look at the date of the entry... I don't think has been down for more than 4 years. RTFS!

Posted by: betabug at October 02,2009 09:05
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