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30 July 2005

Panorama from Thursdays Night in Pireus

...or how to get almost 1 Megapixel out of a P910i camera phone!
Panoramic view of place in Pireus

Thursday night I was out with my friend Michalis in Pireus, as mentioned in the last (german) entry. When we sat in the Cafe, I took some Pictures with the camera of my Sony Ericsson P910i, since I liked the view of the place. Well, the church isn't really beautyfull, but the road up the hill has some atmosphere. Sadly that uphill road doesn't come out very atmospheric on the picture. With the simplistic lens of the phone camera distortion is usually quite bad. Stitching the pix together worked fine though. Looking at this experiment, I plan to make some more panorama shots. And this way I get almost 1 Megapixel out of the camera :-) (which has 640x400 pixel VGA resolution). You can click on the image to see the full resolution view, though heavily JPEG compressed.

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