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04 August 2005

Found on the Beach

Deep in the water

Look what I've found today in the water off the beach: A beatyfull sea snails housing (is there a better english term?). It's about 13cm long and 10cm in diameter. I was looking for a stone I had deposited in the deep water last year, when I spotted it at about 3 or 4 meter depth. It was full of old seaweed and some simple lifeforms. Cleaning out was easy. The shell is unbroken. It will make a nice present for a girl, and I already know whom to give it to.

On the downside I have found out that the swimming glasses I bought do not fit well, so there is constantly water leaking in. Tomorrow I'll try to tighten them a bit, but I don't have much hope. I can quickly forget those problems when I swim and dive. Floating in the water just feels good, cooling down from the hot sun is great. I also worked a bit on my tan today, still being very carefull though. No need to get burned.

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