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23 January 2005

Snow in Greece

If all the snow that is on TV would be on the streets, we would have a problem

For the last weekend (15/16 of January) the media promised us (the inhabitants of Greece) a major snow chaos. Snow was said to be reaching the center of Athens. As it turned out it was mostly hype. Northern Greece had snow of course, but I guess the people there are used to it. Comes with living on a mountain. It was almost comical how the journalists especially on TV went on a snow hunt. There has to be a story somewhere. In Athens we just had a lot of rain and empty streets, people stayed home, because they were afraid to be blocked off by the frightening snow.

Update 2006: Looking for information on the current situation (January 24 and 25, 2006) in Athens and Greece? Look at the new posts: Winter... Chaos? and Snowy Athens

Update 2008: It's been snowing again, resulting in even more chaos, see Oh, yeah, the Snow in Greece

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