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06 August 2005

Another Visit on the Beach

Have a look around
beach panorama view

So, this is where I go to swim. Apart from this beach, there are two others where I go to swim. This one is about 5 minutes by bicycle, the second is about the same distance, the third is 20-25 tough minutes uphill and downhill over dirtroads on the bicycle. The tough ride has the most beautyful beach, but I'm not in good training... yet. The brown stuff on the waterline is seaweed, it smells funny, it's funny to walk through, it's harmless, but it's not beautyfull. The other two beaches have none of it. There are other beaches that I only very rarely visit. Limnos has lots of nice, sandy beaches. But for a refreshing swim in the hot afternoon a short ride is good.

The day was a bit hazy and the camera did not cope very well with the changing light situation on each pic. No way to manual set the exposure on a camera phone. Also I should note that there are trees on the other side of the beach, all in all the other side is even nicer, but I did not like the light on the other side at that time of day, so this side it was. I just wanted to continue with my picture stitching experiments. There is a bigger view of this picture.

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