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11 August 2005

Looking at Samothraki

Island, Island, far away

Yesterday, while biking to Zemata beach (25 minutes over dirt roads) I had a good view on Samothraki. Samothraki is an island about 50km from Limnos. It was one of the occasions, where I wished I had a better camera. On the picture the mountain in the sea that is the island of Samothraki is hardly visible, but in real the view was much better. Still it had that dreamy atmosphere.

Samothraki's top mountain peak is 1611m above sea level. That's why we can see it from Limnos (when the wind and the weather is right). It's also a green island, full of trees. Much different then Limnos, I really should make a small trip to Samothraki.

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