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14 August 2005

Sundown at Zemata Beach

Stay a while, stay forever
panorama picture of sundown at Zemata beach

Went by bike to Zemata beach yesterday again. The ride is still rough over those dirt roads, but it does not take me 25 minutes any more. Looks like I'm slowly starting to get in shape again. After I arrived at the beach, I was happy to be able to cool down in the sea. The water was glass clear, with that turquoise colour that makes looking at a beach so exciting.

I stayed a long while. After taking a swim to cool down, I relaxed a bit in the sun, then took another swim. Then I sat at the beach bar, where I happened to talk to Manos (who had arrived with the same ship on the island). He is a fellow web developer, and we took a break from vacation talk and exchanged experiences of work. It was 8 in the evening when I left, the sun was about to go down in the sea. When I had managed to scramble the bike through the uphill behind the beach, I stopped and turned around to look. I gave the sundown a try for one of my panorama pictures, but the subject is tough. I don't like that pic so much, especially since the seams near the line of the horizon interfere with the atmosphere. But maybe you can imagine an idea of how beautiful the sundown can be at Zemata beach. Click on the image for a larger view.

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