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18 August 2005

SMTP on the Go with CosmOTE?

So what is the proper SMTP server for CosmOTE GPRS?

For the last week or so I have been hindered to send mail in a far reaching result of the change all the SPAM brings to the Internet. For years now I have been running an SMTP server on my laptop, so when I am on the road I can send out mail without having to set up another outgoing mail server with each provider. This is a solution that requires some technical know how, but up to very recently it worked fine. But now I get more and more occasions where the dynamic IP I am connecting with to the Internet is being blacklisted -- either because it had been used to send SPAM (by someone else), or just because it is a dynamic IP.

I had the same problem with my server (which is on a dynamic IP). There I solved it using a smarthost setup to my providers mail server. Now on the PowerBook I would be ready to do the same thing... only there are some obstacles that I currently can't overcome. My first thought would be to declare my own server as smarthost. That way I would have more control over the route of my mails. But to do this, I would need to teach the Postfix mail server on the PowerBook to use SMTP AUTH. Getting SMTP AUTH out of Postfix requires a recompile, which requires Sourcecode and documentation. I won't pay for that through an expensive GPRS connection, so that choice is out till I get back to Athens.

The other option (and what I had done in previous, similar cases) is to set up the connection providers SMTP server as smarthost. Since I am connecting through one of their IPs, I should be implicitly authorized to send mail through their server. So no SMTP AUTH needed, nice. Just that I don't know where their server is. I did a quick net search for it, but turned up only other people searching the same information and naughts.

(BTW it sucks immensely when I'm searching for a solution to a problem I have, and up comes my own page -- not even on a really relevant page. Somehow this shows me soemthing like a big fat "nothing usefull found" banner.)

Some people suggest to use, but this rejects my outgoing mails. They do not seem to authenticate by IP. Either this is not the intended mailserver for GPRS customers (likely, from the name), or as some people suggest, you have to use this server always with SMTP AUTH. Which leaves me at the same spot. Asking the customer hotline is out of the question, I don't want to spend 2 hours listening to clueless drones. Besides, judging from the web search, someone already did that, without success. It is likely that there is noone within Cosmote who knows what a SMTP server is.

So if you happen to know the proper SMTP server for CosmOTE GPRS, I'd appreciate a comment or a mail. Not that I have any hopes. Until that time I'd say: Thank you CosmOTE for making it so hard. With the few Cents you get for your GPRS connection you certainly can't be bothered to give out a little bit of information or to set up a proper SMTP server.

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Re: SMTP on the Go with CosmOTE?

same problem for me, no info on the net solving the problem. Long waiting when calling the help line ... Even the guy at the cosmote shop could not tell. He suggested to call 1212, but you can have fun waiting ! seems that all users have one provider email and that's it. Bad organisation, no wonder they just sold shares/management to Deutsche Telekom. Internet seems to be very undeveloped no matter what speeds providers sell. SMTP is basic info ! if anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. Euxaristo

Posted by: Mat at August 29,2008 18:01
Re: SMTP on the Go with CosmOTE?

The Absolut disaster. UPDATE !

Following the phone call i received a day later from the Cosmote Technical support dept. (since the help line was overloaded the whole day) i was given the SMTP At the same time the representative confirmed i could ONLY send emails when using a cosmote email if i used a POP set up with my Outlook ... NO other solutions exist except to login through the web site of my/your provider on the internet so that you can check emails. I explained that having 6 different emails and using my Outlook professionaly did not allow me to 'have fun and play' and go on each web site of each email provider i had, every few minutes so that i can run my business, especially since this method does not allow me to quickly use emails of people that are saved in my Outlook ... The representative Lady, called Mrs Olimbiou responded in an agressive tone and rejected all my claims and attempts. Making it with a few words AGAIN my problem, while solving NOTHING at all. I have no way of using my emails when Cosmote is my provider. Conclusion: Do NOT subscribe to Cosmote for internet services if you wish to use a different email than a cosmote one or when using your Outlook as the main mailbox with multiple email accounts.

Posted by: Mat at August 31,2008 18:09
Re: SMTP on the Go with CosmOTE?

Mat, when you have a professional mail account, you will ask the provider of that mail account to provide you with the login details (username / password / settings) to do SMTP AUTH via their server. It's the only real solution to send mail from wherever you are. It's very simple to setup on your mail program and after the setup is done you can forget everything and just use it.

Don't put any hopes on CosmOTE... and don't put any hopes on their competition (Vodafone and Wind) either, because they are probably equally clueless.

Posted by: betabug at August 31,2008 18:25
Re: SMTP on the Go with CosmOTE?

Posted by: adf at July 28,2011 14:02
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