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20 August 2005

Watching Pantelis Play "Raketes"

Lazy days of the summer
pictures of Pantelis 
playing raketes

The last few days have been of the lazy, summerish type. Today I went to Zemata beach, and amongst other things I watched Pantelis play "raketes", some kind of beach tennis with wooden Raquets. He is a dedicated player, maybe he has some of Mr. Gousgounis blood in him. A large part of his game style is done for the show value. The pictures show some of his best jumps and moves, as good as the camera in my phone could keep up. Myself I enjoyed the bicycle ride and two long swims, so I didn't bother with the raketes.

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Re: Watching Pantelis Play "Raketes"

Great pix.
Keep enjoying your holiday :-)

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at August 21,2005 14:27
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