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22 August 2005

Myrina, Capital of Limnos Island

Taking some pictures, what else?
Myrina Castle as seen from the Romaiko Gialo

This morning I woke up early to catch the bus at 7 and go to Myrina. Myrina is the "capital" of the island Limnos (or "Lemnos", as the English sometimes spell it). The villagers sometimes call their town "kastro", after the castle that guards the town. So in the "kastro" I did some shopping and also got my ticket back home. At first I had planned to go to Thessaloniki, but a few days ago I changed my mind and will go to Athens via Lavrio.

Myrina street scene

Even though it takes a long time to go to Myrina (the bus takes almost an hour), which should result in many things waiting to be done at once whenever I go there, I always seem to come to the point that I don't know what else to do in town. So today I took some pictures. Apart from this little street scene, I did two series for panorama pictures. Only one strikes me as interesting enough now, it shows the castle on its rock, as seen from the "romaiko gialo", the Greek beach. (You can click on the image for a bigger view.)

The street scene on the other hand was taken a few days ago, when I went with my friend Christos to Myrina in his car. It seems that this year was a very good season. Limnos was featured in two Greek periodicals and in some TV shows. Flights, ships and hotels were booked out and in the "agora" of Myrina it was sometimes so crowded that one could hardly walk.

My stay here will soon come to an end. Thursday I'm leaving all this behind. I'll enjoy every swim in the sea double now. I try to soak up as much free time and leisure as I can for the remaining days. September will be a working month again. But I was able to gather strength (and sun), so I will enjoy focussing my thoughts on work again.

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