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24 August 2005

Travel, soon

...and looking for a flat or room

Thursday I'll be going back to Athens. At 1 in the morning (so it's technically Friday, but who cares?) my ship is leaving from Myrina, it will bring me via Sigri (on Lesvos), and the small island of Psara, to Lavrio (on the southeast end of Attica, near Sounion). I should be arriving at Lavrio at around 14:30, so I have quite enought time on the boat, thank you very much. The problem is that Limnos had a lot of people this summer, so all ships are booked out. I had to change to this less direct route (where the direct connection would have me only about 9 hours on the ship). From Lavrio I will be taking the bus, which delivers me straight to the Pedio tou Ares, only 5 minutes walk from home.

The next few days in Athens I will look into my situation of residence. Or to formulate it a little bit more practical: I will be looking for a new place to stay. Either I will need a new room in a shared flat, or I could be lucky and find a small flat for myself (or to make it a small shared flat). So if you know anything about a room or a small appartment in Athens, let me know. I'm not picky about locations, I should just be able to get to work (Syggrou Avenue, Nea Smirni) by public transport.

Update 29.8.2005: Housing situation seems to be resolved for the moment. I will be staying right where I am now.

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