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09 September 2005

HTML and CSS (and Zope) job offer

We're hiring, I'm looking for help

We're looking for someone to help me with application development. Mainly it's HTML (handcrafted, please!), CSS2 and some Zope integration. So if you are looking for a job and either live in Athens, Greece or would be interested to move here, contact me! Read on for some observations on my candidate search...

I'm also browsing through online biographies on a job site here. It's rather numbing. These documents come out of some web form and they all look a bit alike. It's hard to stand out, so if you ever fill out a form like that I suggest using the comment box to give your CV some life. Those are the ones I can have my eyes rest on.

A lot of the information on these CVs comes out of checkbox farm fields. People tick on all the buzzwords they have a knowledge about. There is no distinction about the level of knowledge. So is someone who checked "HTML" aware that there is this funny code running behind Adobe GoDeath, or do they really know how to handcraft proper HTML and maybe mix in some Zope ZPT stuff?

Then there is the M$ sickness abound. OK, the business world seems to use the stuff. So if you want to get hired you may want to check all kind of Windozes, be it 95/98/ME/2000/XP whatever... but do you really think you should put a checkmark on X-Windows too? (Since nothing UNIXish is listed, I assume you really wanted to check "UNIX-clueless" :-)

Update: I just posted this on the Zope mailinglist:

Hello Zope-World!                                                               
We have a job offer for someone with good experience on handcrafted HTML        
and CSS, working on Zope projects. Knowledge of Zope can be acquired on         
the job, but we want good HTML/CSS that can be mixed in with ZPT.               
This is not a job for someone with years of knowledge of Zope already.          
But if you know a bit of Zope or are interested to learn about it and           
have the mentioned HTML/CSS background and a rough idea what building a         
web application is, then this may be for you.                                   
The job is in Athens, Greece. Yes, that's where the sun is shining and          
the sea is only a short ride away. You can take weekend trips to islands        
other people see only on postcards. And we get to eat fresh fish on             
business lunches :-) Telecommuting to other countries is *not* available        
for this position, as you would get cheated out of the fresh fish.              
We are a small to medium advertising company, with a robust business            
background. We are developing tools for providing more benefits and             
improving communication with our clients. Right now it's me as a Zope           
dev, next month we will have another Zope newby starting, and then we           
want you.                                                                       
If you are in Greece, this is obviously for your. If you are outside            
Greece (in EU), please note that Greece is not a high salary country,           
but a country with high quality of life. It might be interesting for you        
if you are the adventurous type. Speaking Greek would be nice, but we           
also do business in English.                                                    
Please send your CV to me, not to the list! :-)

Update: We found someone, job offer closed!

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Re: HTML and CSS (and Zope) job offer


I am interested to do this job .I can work on HTML and CSS but dont have any idea about the 'zope'

Posted by: huzaifa at February 11,2010 07:58
Re: HTML and CSS (and Zope) job offer

Huzaifa, sorry, but as stated above, the job offer is closed since a long time now, this post is 4 years old.

Posted by: betabug at February 11,2010 09:04
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