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19 September 2005

Introducing the RewriteRule Witch

Get those pesky Apache RewriteRules for Zope VHM right

Are you fluent with Apaches RewriteRules for Zope virtual hosting with VirtualHostMonster? Do you have to dig that stuff out of the documentation each time you use it? Save a little bit of guesswork with a spell from the "Rewrite Rule Witch"...

Virtual hosting with Zope usually involves setting up Apache "in front" of Zope, putting a Virtual Host Monster into your Zope Root and configuring some RewriteRules in your httpd.conf. Since I don't do this every day (like most zopistas, I guess), every time I have to dig up my knowledge of rewrite rules again from almost scratch. Now I wrote a little script to help me with the most frequent cases of those RewriteRules. You can try out the Rewrite Rule Witch online.

Still testing!

Please note that there might still be bugs and mistakes in there. I'm happy to receive feedback about this thing. Especially interesting would be to try out some of the configurations you have and see if the result is what you actually use. I cover only the most basic variants, but likely the ones used for 95% of Zope setups. I do not yet cover rewriting "/manage" URLs to https (next project!)

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Re: Introducing the RewriteRule Witch

I try to make on my site .htaccess with RewriteCond & Rule, do you know in what problem my be, when "nocase" is not work?

Posted by: Fallout-gamer at May 31,2008 22:23
Re: Introducing the RewriteRule Witch

Sorry gamer, no idea. I have only worked myself through a limited set of RewriteRule documentation to get the witch running. I'm not a general RewriteRule expert.

Posted by: betabug at June 01,2008 10:05
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