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22 September 2005

Video Club Identification

...and the movie "The Jacket"

Raided the local Video Club yesterday evening with still-flatmate and the gf [1]. They have a very lax system for identification. Basically all you need is some customers name and phone number (no, it won't work with my name :-). It seems some accounts (the newer ones?) also have an identification code. But more interesting: There is a poster on the counter that promotes a special setting on your account. With the special setting they will ask you for a valid ID (ID card, passport, drivers license) each and every time you lend a movie. You probably must be as paranoid as me to let them bug you like that. But it seems that at this video club you can decide on a wide range of security vs. convenience.

[1] If you care: We saw The Jacket which was much more interesting than I had expected. I did not have any problems to "get" the whole "timetravel" thing. The movie has a philosophy (if you can call it that) of balancing life with a predefined fate and being able to change your life in a more than usually accepted way (in this case by going through time). The word "time travel" just does not fit this, for me it was more like going to the future as a ghost. Also it was nice to see Kris Kristofferson again.

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