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29 September 2005

Move, move,... moved! (partied too)

The worst is over, still to unpack and a surprise party

Yesterday was moving day. I did not go to work, but instead spent the morning packing things up. Then with the help of the gf (m4d gr33tz to you!), a couple of current and now ex-flatmates and Chris from work we moved everything downstairs. Four stairs of downstairs, especially for the big bookcase, which was plain hell. Chris took the heavy load on him, while Haralambos helped around the corners. More thanks to all of them. Read on for more on the move and a party...

Into a small truck the stuff went and we drove off to New Home(TM). The truck's driver and owner is going on retirement in a few days, so our stuff was his last moving job. Desribing to him where we wanted to go was quite a challenge. He said he has never gone to school, so he never remembers the street names. We of course knew the street names only, having been there a few times only. He knows most streets by features (such as "after the church in XY, do we turn left at the grocery store or at the other crossing?", which had me off guard, cause at the other crossing there is another grocery store a bit more down the road). I enjoyed his descriptions of the Athens of 51 years ago, when he first came here.

Unloading and moving boxes and all into the new place was much easier, mainly due to the elevator door being 5cm wider. That can make all the difference for having to carry a desk upstairs. Now all those boxes and bags are stuffed inside a room there and we just turned around and left. Unpacking is scheduled for the weekend.

Extra surprise: Later in the evening I got a call from my superboss (who not only gave me the day off for moving, but threw in mighty Chris as a helper). I was invited to a small birthday party. So I got to know the Bar "Epitokio" in Nea Smyrni. Nice, good music. Lots of my cow-orkers from the company were there. Had to go early though, tired as a dog after this interesting day.

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