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08 October 2005

Flying on the Dolphin to Hydra

Shake it!

Right now I'm sitting in the flying dolphin from Pireus to Hydra. Hydra is a small island on the southern side of the eastern tip of Peloponissos. My first trip in a boat like this, and the sucker is shaking like crazy. A plane in heavy turbulences is nothing compared to this. Seems to be absolutely normal to the other passengers. Haven't seen anyone running to the toilets either.

It's a bit of a pity that one can't go outside to smell and see the sea, feel the sun and wind. But it sure gets us there fast. The tripp is an idea on short notice, a moment out of the big city. Tomorrow we'll be back.

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Re: Flying on the Dolphin to Hydra

Hallo Sascha

What a surprise! Da sitze ich auf einer Terrasse in Ermioni und google nach einem Fahrplan für die Ueberfahrt nach Hydra. Und was kriege zu sehen? Diese Seite hier :-)

Herzliche Grüsse

Posted by: Werner at October 16,2009 10:13
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