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09 October 2005

Quiet Evening on Carfree Hydra

Give me no car any day

For the last lap after stopping in Poros, I was able to snatch a window seat. I had a first class view on the spray of the sea and on approaching Hydra. We arrived well shaken but in one piece. Hydra is a car free island, which is very impressive. Such quiet, such fresh air, what a change from Athens.

We went up the small paths into the back of town, where we by chance asked a lady for a hotel. She knew one and it turned out to be quite pleasant, with a view. We left our bags behind and were free for nore strolling around. Hydra has no modern buildings, all houses are traditional. There is a lot of tourism (compared to Limnos), but it's acceptable (and less than e.g. Corfu, but prices are higher on Hydra).

We chance upon a play of greek shadow theatre (Καραγκιόζης), something I had been looking out for a long time. Sadly the show was not quite up to it, they lost their audience of island children fast. We left to eat fish, drink Ouzo. After that we did some more walking around, in that wonderfull atmosphere without cars. And then we went to sleep, deepest sleeps since months.

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