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11 October 2005

Next Smart Phone?

The successor to the P910 announced

As noted on slashdot and on Tor's blog, Sony Ericsson showed off the successor to the P910, the P990. A bit more about it in this article on mobilegazette. But enough of the linkage, now for my opinion...

I think WiFi and 3G on the new phone is quite interesting. It may depend a lot of what useful features they have built into the WiFi part, and how much 3G Services will cost for your provider. Internet via 3G could be especially interesting, it looks like with my current provider it is not more expensive than Internet via GPRS. The 2 Megapixel camera sure may be nice, but frankly for what I use the camera in my P910, I don't necessarily would need more resolution, but rather better optical quality. I guess this will improve a bit with a better and bigger chip, let's see.

What is a disappointment is the form factor: I enjoy the big screen on the P910. Having the extended keyboard on the flap wasn't such a bad idea. Maybe Sony had problems with the flip breaking off for some people, so they moved the extended keyboard "on" the device? Now it is just like a waste of space, tough for such a little critter trying to save every millimeter.

I liked the idea of an FM radio built in. Frankly the MP3 player in the P910 is crappie, nothing compared to the iPod. In theory, with a big memory stick it could be used as an integrated Shuffle with the phone, without the pain of having to switch headsets. But the sound quality is just not there. (This reminds me of when my iPod headset started to get broken on the cables, I went to buy earphones and bought Sony ones. I was struck by terror when I noticed how bad the Sony ones sounded in comparison to the iPod earphones. Admitted, the Sony earphones were cheap, but so are the iPod ones.) Now with a P990 one can at least use the phone as a radio to listen to music and use the headphones for calls without switching.

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