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14 October 2005

Fairy Tale Movie

Charlie and the chocolate factory

It's been a long time that we have seen a movie worth the 7 Euro for a ticket here. Most of the time we just looked for the least worst movie in the theatres. So we had actually been looking forward to this one coming to the cinemas in Athens.

"Charlie and the chocolate factory" is a fairy tale. It has a message about little children, families and values. And it drives those points home with the tough drive of a Grimm Brothers piece. Ugly things happen to bad kids. It comes out all good in the end in the movie (it wouldn't be hollywood without that). When the opening titles came in I was surprised and delighted to read that the movie was based on a book by Roald Dahl. He sure has the wit and dark humour to write something like that.

Hollywood also stands behind the pictures of the fairy tale world: Large, larger, passing by all restraints of the logical world. What comes out is a colourfull world, placative, comic. There are big dance scenes and weird landscapes. An optical language of bright plastic toy kits, but digestible even to adults with taste.

Another outcome of the evening: We discovered that the distance to cinemas, shops and restaurants on Alexandras Avenue is close enough to walk from my new home. Nice, so again I have a place to go out close by.

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