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17 October 2005

IE Bug Bitten

Internet Explorer Cannot Save to Cache error

We had been bitten by another IE bug here with the application we're building. Our customers using IE6 got a message "Internet Explorer can not save to cache", whenever they tried to save an image. Our application is working over https and puts out "Cache-Control: No Cache" headers. These are some ingredients that trigger the "cannot save to cache" bug in lame Internet Explorer 6. After suspecting my own code for a while and changing stuff around to check, I STFW (searched the f* web) and came up with that M$ support page. In case it goes away, here is the info in short:

Workaround for Zope: I added a line to my python script...


this just overrides the header for this one method. It's not perfect, but it works for now.

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Not matching settings name in M$ Knowledge Base

In the post "IE Bug Bitten" I wrote about a stupid IE bug that causes us and our customers
trouble. Even though I used a workaround on our Server, today the bug bit me again, as likely
customers have the setting that produces the bug again, even afte...

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