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19 October 2005

Listen to iPod While on Hold

Stuffing an iPod Shuffle in a company phone system
iPod shuffle in phone system

Our new company phone switchboard can play music while callers are waiting "on hold"... off an iPod Shuffle. Our boss was not satisfied with having callers listen to some lame synthiepop Mozart castration, instead callers should be able to listen to the likes of The Cure, The Stones, Pink Floyd, and other similar bigshots. The phone center hardware has an audio input to hook up something like a portable CD player, but one CD is certainly not enough. So an idea came up...

iPod shuffle mounted on phone system

The iPod shuffle holds much more music than a CD, it can do random playback. Why not hook up that one? No moving parts means less breakage, energy consumption is pretty low, sound quality certainly is good enough, loading up new music is a snap.

Connection was easy enough with an audio cable. Energy was a bit more of a problem, the battery lasts only 12 hours, not enough for 365/7/7, so charging the device was needed. First stop was USB, because that's the shuffles port and the ISDN connectors have USB connectors. But both systems want to be clients (peripherals), not computers. Plus it was not possible to find a matching converter cable, so we could not test out if the shuffle would charge off the ISDN equipment.

In the end we found out that a "wall-wart" 220V USB-charger adapter, bought from Apple, would do the job. The shuffle fits right on to it, making a mounting point for the device unnecessary. The pictures are a bit hazy, but one can make out the shuffle on top of the ac adaptor, plugged into the T-piece electricity outlet. The black cable on the first pic is the audio cable to the telephone switchboard. The Shuffle itself is the smallest part of all the installation.

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Re: Listen to iPod While on Hold

Great idea!

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at October 19,2005 21:28
Newest development

Today a client asked for a CD with the songs we play on our telephone while he was waiting...

Posted by: betabug at October 21,2005 11:27
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