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23 October 2005

Not-So-Hotspotting from Starbucks

Sitting out with friends and a PowerBook
slacking at starbucks

Right now I'm in a Starbucks here in Athens, trying to get some work done via their wireless "hotspot". It was plain easy to connect. The Mac just jumps over points 1-7 of the connection instructions, with a simple "Your ususal Networks are not available, do you want to connect to 'Forthnet'"? The connection is a bit shaky, I had to switch Airport on and off a couple of times, because my ssh connection froze (screen to the rescue, ofcoz). More of a turn off is the price tag: 6 Euro for 2 hours. Otherwise it's relaxed here, gf and flatmate-grrrl are chatting away and learning for uni, I'm hacking along.

Right when I tried to post this, the connection went down. I was still able to connect to the wireless network, but dhcp would not give me an IP. After several tries I gave up. We went in for the chatting and after a while left for home. Now I'm back on GPRS to post this.

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